windows98 freezing
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Thread: windows98 freezing

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    windows98 freezing

    does anyone have any advice on usng usb keyboards with windows 98 second problem is this,i put a usb keyboard & since then windows gets frozen.i look at the device manager fo conflicts but none.the only thing i could change was input/output,but now my mouse witch hooks up to my usb keyboard is not to controlable.any advice.

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    Make sure that USB keyboard support is enabled in your BIOS



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    I have Win98 first edition and second edition, an Asus P3BF motherboard and a 500Mhz PIII with a new CD-RW (Sony Spressa USB)...All of the sudden, my system will just freeze. No Ctrl-Alt-Del wont work either! I updated my bios to the latest, I tested and retested my RAM, Hard Drives, Motherboard and cannot conclude anything. Just random acts of freezing up. I decided to unplug my USB CDR and bam, so far, NO FREEZES! What the heck is going on here, I want to know! My USB system is working fine according to Windows98...

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