Intel Xeon?
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Thread: Intel Xeon?

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    Intel Xeon?

    I have been wondering for quite some time now just what the whole point to the xeon is. When it was first released I had been hearing rumors it was supposed to ship with 2 mbs of cache, but was only successful with 1mb. Then I come to find out thats not true at all, it has 512k cache that runs at higher speeds. From what I assume, similiarily to the Celeron 300a and the Celeron 333. My question is: is the Xeon processor a big hoax just to get our money? Sure. It must perform better than a standard Pentium II 450mhz, but, is it really worth the price? Just another marketting scheme, or a real piece of hardware worth investigating?

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    The other releases of the xeon processors have not been shiped yet. There will be versions with 1mb and 2mb cache shiped, but they have not been released yet. The xeon processor is targeted towards server/workstation applications.
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    Dan Berry Guest
    True, this CPU is not meant for the home/game user. A P2-450 hits the spot for now. By late next year, the Xeon will have 2 megs on the cache and will have a lower price than today's Xeon with 512 cache.

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    According to my knowledge of the Xeon, the 400 Mhz. is shipped with either the 512k or 1 meg of cache as the 450 currently is only being shipped with 512k. Go figure. If I was you nad, Id go get myself a 300A Celeron.


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    Darren Wilson Guest
    if you are going to play games forget the xeon as it doesn't live up to it's performance running anything less than NT oe Linux/Unix based systems. Even then I could see that the xeon run slower than my 450 even running normal tasks.

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    The Xeon processor is designed to be a true 64 bit pathway, not a pair of 32 bit pathways run in parallel in the case of the PII. This is the New World Order for servers, and that is what the Xeon is designed for, servers not Quake II. Put 25 workstations accessing a database and watch a Xeon 400 smoke any PII 450 under NT 4.0. Keep an eye on the Celeron, I think Intel's intentions for that processor is to be morphed into a gaming station. Happy Holidaze

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