I had a generic 33.6 modem that worked great. It wasn't the fastest, but it was dependable. I could leave it connected all weekend to download large files. Then one day, my net connection started breaking whenever I would load webpages with lots of graphics or if I tried to download files. It got so bad that I couldn't even check e-mail before the connection would break. So, I went out and bought a US Robotics 56k voice/faxmodem (ISA). US Robotics was recommended by my ISP. The 56k modem almost always connects at a very high speed (either 53,333 or 50,666), and it has helped my problem but not cured it. My connection still breaks, but not as often. What is more troubling is that sometimes the connection will stay up, but I cannot access web pages, e-mail, etc. The browser will try, but eventually time out (same with outlook express). I have already replaced the modem, I have tried different ISP's, and I have had the phone company work on my line, all with no success. I have also tried several modem optimization programs with no change.

If anyone has a suggestion, I would be happy to hear it. Thanks.