CL 4224 Firmware---> 6x write?
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Thread: CL 4224 Firmware---> 6x write?

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    Siamese Guest

    CL 4224 Firmware---> 6x write?

    Hey guys, i;ve heard of some cd-r that are able to increase their write speed after a firmware upldate. For fellow ****ty creative lab 4224 cd-rw owners, do u guys know of this and if one of these updates exists for us???? thnx

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    Someone here has tried it and it worked for them. Wait until that guy pops up! He'll tell you exactly what it is he did.
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    Siamese Guest
    SO its TRUE!!!! Hmmm ahah... thnx tools
    So if ur out there buddy, plz enlighten us [email protected]!!!! yah!

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    Sorry man
    Flash program I have doesn't cover Creative drives which are designed by Sony orPanasonic.
    It only works for MET drives such as Ricoh,Smart&Friendly,Memorex,US Drive,Acer ,Imation ,Verbatim ,Delta ,ComPro,Actima.
    Maybe someone else...

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    Siamese Guest
    Thnx any way man, ahh what a let down, oh well 4x is good enuf for now

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