How Is This Possible? Or is a modem overclockable?
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Thread: How Is This Possible? Or is a modem overclockable?

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    How Is This Possible? Or is a modem overclockable?

    this is really really odd...
    I was using a standart Rockwell chipset 33.6K Modem while surfing the net, I have downloaded a few files, all were downloaded in ~~ 3K/Sec ~~ then I went to an small ftp in my country and downloaded a 10Mb Mov Movie, now what shocked me was that I was downloading in 7.6K/sec!!! ( I was using Getright), now I know not all programs make an acuurate reading of your conneting speed, but the after a fre caculations about the time it took the file to downlaod, I came with this:
    Download speed was at 7.4K/Sec.
    now could someone tell me how is it possible?


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    Well, the movie file you downloaded might not be so very well compressed. Your modem has compression routines and it'll be able to download uncompressed data faster than compressed.

    This is why when you download a big TXT file, you could get over 10 KByte/sec while a .ZIP file will probably be max 3.5 KByte/sec.

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