Ricoh MP7040a software?
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Thread: Ricoh MP7040a software?

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    Ricoh MP7040a software?

    I have been reading many of these posts and have noticed that some users are using different software for this model. I have seen some who use Nero and Adaptec. I just purchased one and it came with PacketCD and WinOnCD. Is it a regional thing? How come everybody seems to have a variety?

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    Some, like myself, already have the software
    and save money by getting the bare drive.

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    If I understand your question, you are asking if each cd burner uses proprietary software. The answer is no, once you install the drivers, you can use most any burner software.

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    software is more a matter of what the retailer can sell the cheapest with the burner. I have tried several different ones and about the only differences is in the interface, they all seem to have the same features.

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