LP's to CD-R (for the over 30 crowd)
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Thread: LP's to CD-R (for the over 30 crowd)

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    LP's to CD-R (for the over 30 crowd)

    Recording LP's onto CD-R's. I would like to know if anyone has done it or even if it can be done. Is there a special program or can they be recorded straight to a CD. I have a about 200 LP's and would like to put the on CD's



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    I haven't tried it myself, but it should be possible by connecting your amplifier to the line in of your soundcard and recording your LP's as WAV files. Then your CD-R software can burn the WAV files onto the CD.

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    Yep, your absolutely right Bombjack.
    I know, cos I've done it.
    Most sound cards come with software that allow you to do this.
    Creative Labs bundle theirs with a program called WaveStudio.
    Once you've created the WAV files, you can burn them onto a CD-R or make MP3's from them (which is what I did)

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    If you want to go the extra step to have the audio from the LPs sounding even better, get a hold of Soundforge with the noise reduction plug-in. You will be able to "clean up" the audio by removing the "pop" and "crackle" noises from the audio.
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    Cool Edit Pro is also worth looking at - it very adept at removing cracks and pops as well as background noise

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