I recently replaced my old Gravis 2-button with this great new Wingman Extreme. It worked fine for about a week and then I started having problems with the throttle control and Hat Switch going haywire. I haven't added any new programs or games to my system, and I have already checked the Logitech web-site for any info on newer drivers. I updated the drivers and still have the problem.
My humble system specs are as follows...

AMD K6-2 300
Shuttle HOT591P Mobo
64 MB PC-100 RAM
40X CD-Rom
3.2GB and 17.2GB HDD
Mouse Systems 3-button optical mouse
PCI Sound card
ISA 56K V90 Modem
16MB Voodoo Banshee AGP
Windows 95 OSR 2.1

and, yes, I have an active USB port...nothing attatched as yet.

Anyone's help would be appreciated.