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Thread: CDRW-Traxdata2260+

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    Since I have updated the device firmware for the first time, to ver. 3.09, my device refuses to write on most cdr. The error that it gives me says that the power calibration area is full. The same error is givven in windows 95,98 and also under linux, I have tryed also using DAO for dos. The only thing that sims to write on are rewritables (Verbatin and Sony). The cd's that my cd recorder refuses to write on, work fine on other recorders, and used to work fine on my device before I had the great idea to update the firmware. This traxadata 2260+ (ide) inside is a Philips 3610.

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    Well, maybe some bum firmware. I would seriously suggest contacting Phillips Tech support first just to see if they have a clue what the issue is.

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