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Thread: USB & Win95

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    USB & Win95

    I have Win95 OSR2(.0) I know that 2.1 and 2.5 have USb support. Can you download these files from anywhere or am I forced to upgrade to WIn98 ?

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    Unfortunately, unless you've got access to the updated WIN95, you've got to upgrade to WIN98. There ARE some patches you can get via the net (USBSUPP.EXE), but they may not work with your flavor of WIN95. Try the USBSUPP.exe first. If that doesn't work, be prepared to fork over the bucks to get the upgrade package.

    On a side note...
    Q. When WIN95 first entered the scene, M$ stated that all upgrades would be provided free over the net. Since WIN98 is nothing more than WIN95 with FAT32 and IE integration, why was WIN98 even offered????

    A. If you call the "new" program by a different name, you can get away with just about anything...

    What do you mean, I only bought a software License???
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