Is Creative PCworks FSP1000 4 points surrond a good choice?
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Thread: Is Creative PCworks FSP1000 4 points surrond a good choice?

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    Is Creative PCworks FSP1000 4 points surrond a good choice?


    I'm about to buy a FSP1000 4 points surround speakers system from Creative labs, can anyone tell me if it's any good? i currently have a SBlive! soundcard

    if i play DVD on the FSP1000, will the sound sucks? i can't afford a FSP2000


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    I have the 2 speaker version with the same sub, it is excellent you won't be dissapointed with the quality or the output level.
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    I see that Creative seems to have bought out Cambridge Soundworks, so is Creative's FSPx series based on Cambridge hardware? If so, is the FPS1000 really just a set of PCWorks 4-Point surround speakers?

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    Yep. Creative bought Cambridge Soundworks I believe. I have the FPS 1000's and I'm quite happy with them. Mated with the Creative SBLive they sound very good. I think they're the best deal in speakers going right now.

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