Responding to Rottie form another thread he writes;
Also I can't get ZIP drive disabled from BIO in order to have Eagle TR-3 tape drive to work.
When I had AMI Flash BIO on same mobo and ZIP drive was set to drive G: and Eagle TR-3 was set to drive B: it works just fine and from the ZIP manual says to disable ZIP drive on BIOS in order to work properly.
Now I was told by mobo to upgrade to Award BIO using flash bio upgrade now ZIP and TR-3 does not work right..Zip becomes drive B; TR-3 could not be set to any drive letter.
I believe the Award Bio I have right now is version 4.51 and PNP bio version 1.0

Rottie: What operating system are you using? How is your tape drive and zip attached to your system? Is either the older kind that connects to your floppy controller or are they connected to IDE, Parallel, or a SCSI card. If either is connected to a SCSI card is it a legacy card where you had to set jumpers? Have you checked for resource conflicts? My guess is that if I canít, someone here will be able to help you.
good luck.