Multiple USB Printers
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Thread: Multiple USB Printers

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    Multiple USB Printers

    Can you install more than one of the SAME model USB printer onto one computer? Will this type of setup work correctly? I know about using USB hubs and how the USB system works. I feel that this would be a more cost effective solution than using a networked printer server since it is only one computer.

    I just need to know about using the multiple printers on one computer since I never tried it and don't want buy a second printer and it not work. So, basically, I'm looking for anyone that has done this already.

    This would be used for a small graphics operation for custom production.

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    I'm using Lpt1 and Lpt2.

    for Lpt2, u need another I/O card
    and disable the COM--refer ur
    I/O manual.
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    Thanks for the reply but I'm looking for info on USB printers......not parallel.
    Thanks anyway.

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