I just got my Adaptec 2940UW adapter today. I haven't bought any devices for it yet, so I'm making sure I make a good purchase. I was looking at two hard drives, one suppporting UW and another supporting U2W. Will the Ultra2 Wide drive work on my UW adapter? They're both 9.1 GB drives for a little under $300, so I figured I would get the better of the two in case of a future adapter upgrade, if the U2W drive worked on my card. Is this the case? I've been looking at the IBM Ultrastar 9ES 9.1GB Ultra SCSI and the Seagate Medalist Pro 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI LVD. They seem like nice drives, especially compared to my current slow-assed IDE drive. Thanks for your advice everyone!

David Peters, CE
Milwaukee School of Engineering