I am looking for information in reguards to the Matsu****a - Kotobuki model number CR-563-B. The system that I am working on has DOS and Windows 3.1. The CD-ROM works when there is power attached to it but doesn't recognize that a CD is in the tray. When stepping through config.sys and autoexec.bat the drivers seem to work because it shows that it recognizes the drive and does assign it a drive letter. I even went out to your web site and downloaded the lastest drivers for this model. I also removed the CD-ROM from that machine and put it into my machine and hooked power and ribbon cable up and the CD-ROM tray would not even come out. Almost like there was not power to it. I unhooked the ribbon cable and the CD-ROM started up just fine and opened the tray when I pushed the button. Can you lead me in the correct direction? Is the CD-ROM bad? What other things can I try for diagnostics?

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Jason Fouks