SCSI drives???
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Thread: SCSI drives???

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    SCSI drives???

    What is the difference between SCSI and EIDE???If I get a SCSI rewritable drive, approximately how much faster can I copy cd's (providing they are both 4x4x16)???Also, what is ATAPI (I think that's how it's spelled)???Somebody shed some light on this please...

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    scsi is less processor intensive and the drives have a larger buffer to hold the info.
    best setup is scsi to scsi, less work for you cpu to do and the buffer on a good scsi is 1meg and above.
    eide are a good cheap way to copy cd's but have typically low buffers of 512k.
    the bigger the buffer the more time the machine has to correct an error and request a re-read, therefore preventing buffer over runs.

    ATAPI stands for advanced technology attachment packet interface.
    atapi cds plug into the ide interface connector the same as your hard drive does.


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