Impending Death of my Hard Drive?
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Thread: Impending Death of my Hard Drive?

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    Impending Death of my Hard Drive?

    Is my hard drive dying? I'm using a Western Digital 3.1Gig EIDE drive. 95% of the time, it spins up fine, but occassionally it will not spin up on POST. This is corrected by unplugging the power and IDE cable and reconnecting them. The drive is only 1.5 years old and not under "heavy" usage. Hmm, it's also running on an overclocked 300A -> 464Meg CPU in an Abit BH6. Maybe that might be a problem? It never occurred when it was in the K6-233MHz. So is my HDD gonna die?

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    What happens if you don't oc? Also, since you remove the cable and power connector you can eliminate the power by swapping it with another drive,especially if it feels loose in the drives power socket. Try swapping the cd cable with the hdd cable and see what happens. If it stills happens after all that there is a good possiblity that the drives spindle or one of the heads are starting to stick.

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    hi jcheng

    try taking a new hdd cable and replacing
    the old one with it.
    the connectors on the cable may not be working in some instances.
    have had simmilar probelms and this fixed 80% of them, alternatively try the drive in another machine with new cables to eliminate any mbd problems



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