Need Advice: CD-R Drive
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Thread: Need Advice: CD-R Drive

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    Need Advice: CD-R Drive

    I am trying to add a CD-R Drive to my
    system. A 300A, BH6 system with a 32X
    Toshiba CD-ROM Drive.

    Which Recordable CD Drive should I go for ?
    What speed and which brand should I go for?

    Purpose:home use - mostly music,some data.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I also have a celery 300a w/ BH6 combo, and I was in the same predicament as you are in now. I finally settled on the HP 8100i. It's an internal CDR that burns up to 4x, which means that you (and the right system) can burn a cd in less than 20 minutes. Its an easy install and if you're new to the cd-writing world, it's perfect.

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    I have the same setup and use a HP 6020 external unit. I need the external model to move from PC to PC. The HP units are well built and have great software too.

    Slip Kid
    Slip Kid

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