Windows98 "NO LIKE" BTC CD-ROM reader!!!!
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Thread: Windows98 "NO LIKE" BTC CD-ROM reader!!!!

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    Windows98 "NO LIKE" BTC CD-ROM reader!!!!

    Try installing Win98 from your BTC CD-ROM; it will load nicely,however once your system boots up-you're in "safe mode".... Took quite a while to figure out what was causing the hardware conflict. We placed a 4X matsumi cd-rom reader in the system, and it booted up perfectly....

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    I've found that most newer CD ROM drives will operate just fine on a previous - but fairly recent - driver. I just installed a 40X BTC and never changed the driver from my previous 23X Wearnes. Come to think of it, when I installed the Wearnes 24X, I didn't change the driver from my previous 8X Mitsumi! :-) Its IS important to review drivers from most of the old 2X and 4X units when upgrading to a current model, as most back then were proprietary. Fortunately, the world is a friendlier place now.
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