I have just bought a 56K PCI modem(GC789PCI) with a PCTEL1789 chipset(I don't know who made the modem itself). On installing the software as instructed I checked that it would respond using the Diagnostics in the Advanced part of the Modem Properties. All seemed OK it responding to the AT commands. It said it was installed on COM port 3.
However on dialling any number on beginning initialisation it completely crashed(ie froze) the computer!!. The mouse nor keyboard would not respond(even Contro;+Alt+Delete wouldn't work!). I checked everything in Device Manager for conflicts and none were shown. The one strange thing is that in Device Manager it only shows COM ports 1 & 2-There no COM port 3 or 4.This is despite them being shown in the modem information!!!If one tries to install another COM port it comes in as COM port 5!! in the Device Manager.
I have Windows95 with a Cyrix 300MHz MII processor.
Any ideas!