Recently when I put a disk in the A (floppy) drive and then right click on the drive to open the utility window, it takes abt 15 seconds before the drive activity light to light up and then another few seconds before the window opens.It used to open immediately upon right clicking. Have checked everything possible including installing a new floppy with still the same problem. System is a P200 IBM clone with 64mgs.ram, win95, 4gb. and 1gb HD with plenty of free space. Any other desktop icon will launch quick except if the computer has been idle for a while and I click to launch an icon then there is a long delay before the launch..At that point,I notice that the HD activity lite is energized, thus indicating that the time delay there is the HD itself.. But the floppy drive has the problem whether the computer has been idle or in constant use.
I also find that I have to reboot quite frequently, in order to keep the resources up.Max. there is abt.85% after fresh boot.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks