UART & High speed modems
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Thread: UART & High speed modems

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    UART & High speed modems

    I'm getting either a Cable or ADSL modem soon. Trying to decide on internal or external. Are all internal cable/ADSL modems stuck using the 16550 UART at 115kps? They hook up to your network card so how does this effect the UART if at all?

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    Well cable modem isnt using a UART as far as I know. Cable modem works by info coming from the Coax line to the modem, and then to the modem to a Network card.

    A UART is a chip on a modem stands for
    Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter. Used for serial port interface.

    Not to sure on DSL, but I think since the speeds are so high (upwards of 1 megabit) cant use a UART. UART 16550 currenty only support data transfer rates up to 115,200 bps.

    Hope I helped out.

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