Modem connects at 115200???
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Thread: Modem connects at 115200???

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    Modem connects at 115200???

    A friend of mine just built a new pc & when he gets on the net he says his connection speed shows up as 115200bps EVERY time!

    I usually get 44000bps-48000bps or something similar.

    We checked our systems & everything seems set up the same except we have different modems.

    He has a Phobe Rockwell v90 Kflex modem.

    Any idea why his connection speed only shows this odd number?

    I know this is the same number as the "maximum speed" in the Win98 modem properties.
    But he says the box for "Always connect at this speed" isn't checked.

    Any advice would be well appreciated.


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    115,200bps is the DTE speed, or the Modem to computer speed. If you want to see the Modem to Modem speed (DCE,) you need to type in an extra INIT string in your Modem's advanced settigs window. For info, check out this site -


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