seagate U2W scsi ST39173LW heat+noise problems
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Thread: seagate U2W scsi ST39173LW heat+noise problems

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    seagate U2W scsi ST39173LW heat+noise problems

    I'm really worried that my *expensive* hard disk may be overheating. I don't know how much these 7200rpm drives are supposed to get hot, but mine gets so hot that one can't touch it.will someone tell me "don't worry, its okay, normal" or is it really serious?
    And the noise it makes is deafening too. PLEASE advise!HELP!

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    Heat=bad, but be aware scsi drives are gonna run hotter. Sounds like you may have already sustained some damage if your new drive is making a deafening noise. If its that bad a disk crash is not far behind. Return it for a replacement. Add additional cooling, check out jdr devices-they have a drive bay with a built in cooling fan or check any cooling site.

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