I'm looking for a decent 19in monitor (without going into the stratosphere on price but I'll pay extra for quality) that will be great for programming/graphics/gaming (as well as video capture). I've been looking around and from what I can see, I've got a choice of 3: Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 450 (bit dated but good picture quality through Diamondtron use - however, no USB ports), Mitsubishi Diamondscan Pro 900u (great all round and USB & Diamondtron) and Nokia 446Xpro (good picture and aesthetically pleasing design and controls + USB but no Diamondtron).

On this basis, I'd choose the Mitsubishi but what does anyone else think? Is this a great monitor? Is there a better alternative for a similar price? Can anyone recommend a good
video capture solution (either single combo card or card add-on or external box) that would probably go with a Rage Fury if it ever comes out... How about the newer Iomega Buz?

Thanks for any advice you can give...