I'm here to report a first in the world of slow internet connections. First let me give my background. I formerly worked for a Telco/ISP so I usually can tell the cause of a slow connection. 95% of the time it's the phone companies fault. Well with all the complaints we got about slow connection as an ISP there is nothing we can do 95% of the time. We usually recommend that customers contact the phone company. The phone company however, always blames the ISP, so nothing is ever accomplished.

However, on this historical day in the history of net surfing, a "first" truly took place. I recently installed a second line in my house for my computer. On the original line I could connect at 48.8 100% of the time. However, upon installation of this new line, I have not connected at faster than 26.4. I called the Telco, and actually got opportunity to talk to the person who installed the line. He admitted that they noticed a problem when they ran they're diagnostics on the line! That is revolutionary to me. All that's saying is that when installing lines, I would bet that most telcos could care less about bandwidth, or line quality. They figure as long as you have voice over the line then you will be satisfied and they don't have to take account. Well folks this is evidence that there is hope, so all you 56K slow connectors, call your phone co. and raise hell, it worked for me!!

"Go Linux"