Ive been getting a lot of disk write errors lately. I dont exactly know whats going on and Id appreciate it if somebody could tell me why its happening.

The computer is new, which is why Im so mad. After every disk write error, DOS tells me to run scandisk. For a 8.4 GB HD, scandisk takes a very, very long time to finish. In the past 3 days, I think Ive run scandisk over half a dozen times.

There only 2 unusual things I can think of are:
1)I overclocked it. (300A) It was fine at 374MHz or so. But 450 was erratic, it might not be related, but after I tried 450 was when the errors started popping up. Its now back to 300, but the diskwrite errors still happen.
2)I shipped it from US to Japan. It was working fine for the 1 week before I shipped it.


catch ya later,

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