Need an add-on or other for video capture
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Thread: Need an add-on or other for video capture

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    Need an add-on or other for video capture

    I really want a video-capture card or box. Does anyone have any suggestions (or can tell me what to avoid). I'll probably be getting my new PC in the next month and it will likely have a Rage Fury card in it. I've heard that there's a new ATi-TV card due out in Q2 which will fit it but what about any other solutions? The original Iomega Buz was supposed to be seriously bugged but apparently they have a properly working version available. Is this any good? How about the Dazzle?

    What I need is something that will capture in MJPEG with good quality and the ability to edit etc. and then record onto VHS tape and CD-R/CD-RW.

    Any ideas anyone???

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    I just got an Aim's Video Highway Extreme 98 pci card. The video's pretty good and the software to capture avi's and stills is good, too. It was $99 with a $30 mail in rebate. Their web site is:

    I bought it from I woundn't buy from them again. They jerked me around. I ordered Fedex overnight, and they kept making excuses why it didn't arrive. It's a long story. The product is good but the place I bought it from isn't. is good place to look for prices on video capture.

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