Is Advansys 5140 good enough for my burner?
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Thread: Is Advansys 5140 good enough for my burner?

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    Is Advansys 5140 good enough for my burner?

    I'm planning to buy either a Plextor R412 or a Yamaha 4416s burner.
    I will also need a SCSI-card.
    Will the Advansys 5140 be good enough?

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    I'd recommend you to go for Plextor. If it doesn't already comes with a SCSI card, then I'd suggest you buy one from Adaptec. They are very experienced in SCSI related controllers and is supported in Windows without any updated or special drivers.

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    The card is probably good enough. If you're not going to be doing anything else while the system is burning (as you shouldn't anyway), you're probably fine.

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