Cdrom & Cdrw problems help desperatly wanted
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Thread: Cdrom & Cdrw problems help desperatly wanted

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    DarkPhoenix Guest

    Cdrom & Cdrw problems help desperatly wanted

    I have an interesting scenario, I bought a Toshiba 32x cdrom a couple of months ago, no problem, installed, runs beautiful. About a week ago I got an Acer Cdrw drive, installed no problem, and made some music cd's, no problem. I decided to back up some info from my hard drive to a cd, so I made a data cd using Adaptec Easy CD creator, no problem. Now, here's where my problem went, I noticed ever since I started burning cd's, windows will recognize if a cd is in either drive, but will constantly tell me the cd has no info on, no files, 0 bytes taken up, and like 648 megs free, even on regular cd's like my Diablo cd! Nothing! I checked Control Panel and under system properties it sez both drives are working just fine and that no drivers are loaded or required for either drive. I have tried removing both from system and rebooting to no avail, nothing different. But my glimmer of hope was when I tried to read the drive in pure dos mode, and it read it! Still can not get it in Windows though. Now I also notice that my 3.5 a: drive sez Not ready reading drive a: when I put a floppy in there either. Except in pure dos mode, then it works fine, so I know it's not a hardware problem. Ran a virus scanner three times, got nothing, ran Norton WinDoctor, nothing wrong as well. Please, I am begging someone to help me. Your help would be well appreciated in this dillema.

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    I don't know if this will help but here is something to try.
    I was having some problems with my cd-rom and super disk drive. As it turns out when i set the bios settings to turn off udma for these devices everything came around.
    Note, the bios was set to auto detect udma but I still had problems.

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