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    answer this

    1. I am buying a new internal modem probably the diamond supra express.
    As far as I know you could hook up two modems and get a total of 112kbit/s
    uncompressed. Now when you buy this package from diamond. Will you get one
    or two internal modems?
    2. Are there any differences whatsoever between internal and external
    modems? I've heard that the internal modem doesn't have a processor and
    therefore uses cpu power......
    3. Which PCI slot should I place it? And will is take up a IRQ address?
    4. Is it true that the new flatpanel screen are TOTALY flicker free? Then
    how come some of them still have TCO 95? You're not suppose to need one
    if the monitors are flicker free......
    5. Are flatscreen panels good for games? I've seen some games running
    on flatscreen and most of them look blurring. I dont want a to play unreal
    on a blurry screen....
    6. What is the best grapic card for a flat panel screen? I am considering
    diamond TNT v550.
    7. Suggestions on a good TFT screen? Good CRT makers=good flat screen makers?

    Thank you for all respons

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    I don't think I'm qualified to answer most of your questions, but I'd suggest you reconsider Diamond, especially if you're trying a non-standard setup like two modems. To put it bluntly, Diamond support doesn't exist.
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