LS120 vs Windows98
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Thread: LS120 vs Windows98

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    LS120 vs Windows98

    Having finally built my sisters computer at great expense (hers!), I was a bit miffed that Win98 would not install with the LS connected. Disconnecting it solved that one, but with it now connected again, sometimes when the computer starts up, it asks me to 'TYPE IN THE NAME OF THE COMMAND INTERPRETER' eg c:\windows\ .
    The only way out of this is to reset the system.
    Hardware? Jet 542a Mboard with ALi aladdin chipset, AMD K6 2 333mhz CPU.
    Once Win98 has loaded, the LS works fine, it's just this starting problem that bothers me.
    I've not had this problem with the 3 other systems i've build (2 AMD chips & 1 celeron, all different mboards)
    Sorry, rambled on a bit there
    Any help will be appreciated,

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    Make sure the motherboard has support for the LS-120...I know this sounds silly but some M/B's have patches for LS-120...

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