I have BH6/Cel 450A with IBM 10Gig 7200RPM drive and do a lot of digital audio editing.
The files I'm working with are usually 30-50Mb.
When I open a file the status progress very quickly for about 1/4 of the file and finishes up in about 5 more segments. Usually taking about 10 seconds for 40Mb.
Why does it go so fast in the beginning and then slow down? Is this portion being cached in memory? If this is so then it seem like more should fit, even with programs loaded. Only about 10Mb would be cached. Seems like more should be available. I have 64Mb. Now that I think about it I have vcachemax at 16384. Hmmm, I'll have to change that and see what happens. Would upgrading memory to 128 or 196 allow these files to fit in memory so editing would be quicker?