CD Auto play (or lack of)
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Thread: CD Auto play (or lack of)

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    CD Auto play (or lack of)

    Any suggestions on why my Creative 585 CD-Rom won't do the auto play?

    Sorry for the post. I forgot I had Tweakui. I didn't have the auto play checked there. Works fine, now. Sorry for wasting your time.

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    I have the sme problem, where is this box that has to be checked? I can't get anything to run on my cd rom as far as autoplay and many of my programs do not run ( locks up) even when I try to run them manually

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    If you dont have tweak ui you can still change the setting. Go to settings>controlpanel>system select the device manager tab. click the plus next to cd-rom then double click your cd-rom. Select the settings tab and check the auto insert notification.
    That should take care of it unless you are having hardware problems.

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