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Thread: Comments on Cambridge Home Theater 5.1

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    Comments on Cambridge Home Theater 5.1

    I am considering purchasing this set of speakers and would like to hear any comments from people who have heard/used them. From what I have read so far, it sounds like they are good, but there are mixed reviews on the quality of the sound. I would really appreciate any comments anyone may have. I am not looking to purchase them for a month and a half, so I hope to find some more reviews on them before that time.

    Thank you.

    Kyle Parker

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    I just ordered the cambridge desktop theater 5.1 and should be receiving them tomorrow, so i will let ya know how things turn out. I will say that Home Theater magazine rated them really well, and that says something in itself...Home Theater mag is a reference type of magazine

    I have enjoyed my pcworks 4-point surround speakers too, but was looking for the dolby-digital capabilities of the desktop theater 5.1.

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