Mag Innovision DX715T - need suggestions
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Thread: Mag Innovision DX715T - need suggestions

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    Mag Innovision DX715T - need suggestions

    I have just ordered this monitor. It is a rather High End model and looks real cool. However, I can't find any reviews of it online and was wondering if any of you have it. If you do, could you tell me whether it is worth the investment? If you have any Mag Innovision Monitor, are they worth the money? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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    Hoor, Skane, Sweden
    I have a MAG Innovision 15" monitor, and it is great, a little small (as 15" is) With Trinitron technology it makes everything very sharp. I am very happy with it and I myself am thinking about buying a DX715T. That monitor also uses Trinitron. So when you get your monitor, why don't you drop me a mail and tell me what you think about it. I would really appreciate that.
    My email is:

    Jens Janson - Sweden
    / Janson \ from Sweden (Northern Europe)

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