SCSI Yamaha External CD-RW & WIN95
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Thread: SCSI Yamaha External CD-RW & WIN95

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    SCSI Yamaha External CD-RW & WIN95

    Win95 recognizes my SCSI card,but not my CD-RW,&when I go to "MY COMPUTER" or WIN
    Explorer..No drive letter. Device Mgr...shows card/driver...No conflicts... scsi card is a Compaq Fast Ultra Wide using Symbios processor #53C875J 68pin external & 50pin internal.. CD-RW is external 50
    pin scsi YamahaTX4260. When it boots up it sees the SCSI card and tells the ID of Yamaha4260 but Windows & CD Creator/Direct CD software does not see a CD recorder attached to WIN95 system. Can anybody help!
    Thanks in advance, David

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    Two questions:

    1) I assume the device is properly terminated?

    2) You're connecting the external device (50 pin) to the external port (68 pin) via the proper cable? (i.e. you don't have the external device jury-rigged to the internal connection OR, your SCSI cable is a good SCSI cable....many SCSI problems are caused by overly-long or poorly made SCSI cables.)

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