What kind of modem is this?
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Thread: What kind of modem is this?

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    What kind of modem is this?

    The modem that came with my computer is no doubt a generic 33.6 modem.....i took it out and on the bottom of it it said SPEEDCOM model:cl-5600v....it uses some cirrus logic chips and stuff.....the problem is i cant find any updated drivers for this damn thing...sometimes i lose connection.(and its not my isp)i went to windrivers.com and found nothing...i went to speedcoms site and found nothing....i even tried to use the fcc number and still found nothing..Should i even bother with this piece of S--T and try to find updated drivers or just trash it and get a better one?....is there an updated universal driver?

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    run the diagnostic under modems in the control panel. this will give you a FCC ID #. you can use this to track the manufacturer. Cirrus logics site has .INF files for their CLXXXX chipsets. there are other proges that can idenify the FCC ID and/or manufacturer like ModemDoctor32.

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