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    Power supply

    I'm building my first PC and have P2B, 128 pc-100, celeron 300a and viper 550. The problem comes when I attach the power to the motherboard and try to turn it on because I'm getting no power, should I connect my floppy,cd-rom, and harddreive? First tiume building so any advise would help greatly thx
    Jay C Smith

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    You should have something connected like the floppy in order to have a load placed on the power supply. However, to check the power supply to see if it works at all you can turn the switch on (the one conncected to the power supply) and plug it into the wall outlet for a second. The fan should spin if the power supply works. For more info on how to build a PC check out hardware centrals guide at: www.hardwarecentral.com/features/toolkits/buildpc/?hh. There are three parts to that feature. The others are at buildpc2 and buildpc3.

    Good luck.

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