My microtek e-3 came with a 1502e scsi card. That card seems to have a short in it, the computer will not boot if it is installed (this appeared after the equipment was out of the system for some time....long story) I got a used 1542b Adaptec card and a 6' cable.

The card installs ok in win95 osr2, but the scanner is not recognized. A large amount of static is present in the scanner when I touch the frame, and in the belly of the 6' cable when I touch that. The card seems to radiate some noise to the cordless that normal? The terminator is the one which came with the scanner, probably a passive (cheap) one.

Where do I go with this? I would like to solve the problem, just for the experience of it, but aside from exchanging the parts I have if they are faulty, I don't want to spend much more money as it would be cheaper to just buy another scanner.