Help w/Scanner and type of card
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Thread: Help w/Scanner and type of card

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    Help w/Scanner and type of card

    I have a Info Scanner, 4 years old, great scanner, bad support for it. Right now I have just upgraded to a ASUS P5A w/2 ISA slots. only need two, but I would like to free one up (For a PCMCIA Card reader), my problem is I cannot find out what type of card this is, looks like a Parallel port, but is there any way to tell? and if it is what is the price (availiblity) of a PCI parallel port card? Before everyone starts saying just buy a new scanner, mine is still in good shape and works for my needs, but is there a good scanner for under $100, I don't do much with it, doc's, photos (150 DPI) and thats it. thanks for the help.
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    parallel portscards aren't that expensive (15-25 dollars)scanners aren't expensive either 79 to 100 dollars for 300x300.
    Umax Astra 610P or 610S. Give me an e-mail if you need help getting these types of products.

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