cdrom problem
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Thread: cdrom problem

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    cdrom problem

    I am putting together a pc as i described yesterday. I have a HD on IDE1 and i installed the cdrom on ide2 yesterday. i installed the drivers and when i boot(ms-dos 6.2) i get a hard disk failure. when i disconnect the cdrom cable the pc boots with a error that the cdrom is not found which is OK. I cant load win95 without the cdrom.

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    The IDE Cable is backwards. The red line shoul be on the side of the power hook-up. Double check your connection and make sure pin 1 is the red strip, there is usually a notch that will only let it go in one way. If the notch isn't there just make sure Pin1 lines up with Pin1 on the CD-rom.

    Hope it helps
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    the red stripe should be beside the power connection on the hdd and cdrom , the hdd should be primary master and the cdrom should be primary slave on the same cable plugged in to ide1. make sure the red stripe on the cable is plugged in correctly to the board

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