Help, Built new PC but mouse won't work
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Thread: Help, Built new PC but mouse won't work

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    Help, Built new PC but mouse won't work

    I built up my PC from old parts ( p133, 40mb etc ), and I have plugged the serial connectors to the appropriate places on the mobo ( com1, com2 etc ) but windows keeps on telling me that It cannot find a mouse. Ive tried a microsoft one, which works on my Dad's Pc, and also a logitech one. Help?

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    First thing, make sure your system is seting up the com ports properly. Make sure they are enabled in the bios, and have memory addresses. Also make sure that you have the serial cables that atatch to the mother board are pluged in properly (not backwards). I had the same problem with a new mother board that I had purchased. It turned out to be a bad i/o chip on the board.
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    Best diag. thing to try would be to download a dos driver in dos, if one was not provided (possibly one with a test feature), If works in dos, its windows. If doesn't work in dos check bios/connects.

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