Internet Connection through ethernet connection
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Thread: Internet Connection through ethernet connection

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    Internet Connection through ethernet connection

    Hey there! I was wondering if there is any way use my dad's internet connection 56k modem through our network. My dad has a PCI ethernet card and I have an ISA one. They are both 10/100 mps or whatever. I know there has got to be some way to do this. But, I just don't know exactly how to. Can you please help me out here. Oh yeah, my dad has Windows 98 and I have currently 95 but can upgrade to 98 whenever.
    If you can help me out I would greatly appriciate it.

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    You can use a proxy server like WinProxy or WinGate to share modem through a network.

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    Get the Modem Sharing Software
    (eg. Ishare )
    Good Luck

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