Next ATI card ???
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Thread: Next ATI card ???

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    Next ATI card ???

    Does anyone know if ATI is going to be coming out with a new radeon anytime soon ? Or is ATI done for awhile??


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    I believe the R300 is set to debut in the fall... Like September/Octoberish.

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    I've heard possibly late June early July to beat nVidia, but it also sounds like nVidia will try to rush the NV18 and NV30 core out to take some of the thunder away from the R250 (budget version of the R200 core in the Radeon 8500) and R300 (NV25 killer).

    I have a fealing the NV18 is just a simple refresh of the NV17 in the GeForce4 MX line-up, so it will still be a Dircet-X 7.0 card, while the R250 will be based of the Radeon 8500 core and be full DX 8.1. The 300 will be very powerfull, but so will the NV30. The R300 will likely be more (if not fully) DX 9.0, while the NV30 will likely only be partial DX 9.0 or DX 8.0. Plus there is the Parelia-512 from Matrox and the P10 core from 3D Labs/Creative Labs that they will also have to compete directly against for the performance crown.

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    NV18 and RV250 should be showcased next month at Computex Taipei.

    As Todd a mentioned, the RV250 will be a stripped down R200, most likely having two pixel pipelines. This may well make it faster than the 8500 in many instances as it will undoubtedly be clocked higher (possibly 300/300MHz). The NV18 looks like nVidia dragging it's arse-end through the mud again though.

    The R300 will arrive about the same time as the next plethora of high-end offerings from 3Dlabs, nVidia and Matrox does. Keep your eye on as they have just visited ATi and may well drop a few hints about the R300 (personally I think it will be the best card available come fall).


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