My system is going to waste!
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Thread: My system is going to waste!

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    My system is going to waste!

    It is, xp 1800+ @2100+ with a... GF2 MX400...
    I'm looking to fix that. My max res is 1024x768 on an LCD monitor, so good framerates at higher res's won't do me much good. But I'm all about the image quality. So I'm thinking which is better, Radeon 8500, or GF3ti200, or GF4ti4200. I'd like to get it done soon and I'm really unclear as to when the ti4200's are supposed to come out. So I think right now, 8500 for ~$150, $GF3ti200 ~$180, and GF4ti4200 ~$210? is that right?

    So taking into account my monitor situation, which would you guys reccomend? I'd like to spend no more than about $200. I'm really excited about all this truform business I've been hearing about.

    So considering anything over 75 FPS @ 1024x768 is prolly way more than I need, and I'd like to start on image quality once I hit somewhere around there.

    Which is best for me and when does the damn ti4200 come out?

    Thanks all!

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    I have a very similar XP 1800 system with a Visiontek GF2 GTS-V and an 18" LCD (1280x1024 max). I would be very interested in hearing the opinions of others here.
    I realize that prices have fallen somewhat since the original post.

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    just go to price watch to get prices. GeForce 3 Ti200 and Radeon 8500 are about the is a little better than the other, but the GeForce 4 Ti4200 would take them all. I just ordered an 8500 for my XP 2000+, they should work pretty well together
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    Thanks for the info. I know that there are a few versions of the 8500 out there. How can I be sure that I am getting the good (full retail?) version? I think that the 8500LE is the neutered one, correct?

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    I just sold my 8500 and bought a Ti4400 (because of a pricing error).

    So considering anything over 75 FPS @ 1024x768 is prolly way more than I need, and I'd like to start on image quality once I hit somewhere around there.
    I have absolutely no idea when the Ti4200 is going to hit the shelves. Even if it's soon it will still be quite a bit more expensive than either the retail 8500 64MB or 8500LE 128MB (which perform about the same as each other in most situations).

    I'd get either of those two ATi cards. You can do anisotropic filtering on them virtually for free, which does wonders for image quality. This also means that if you want to get maximum 3D image quality in a game, the 8500 is often quicker than a GF4Ti4200 due to its aniso prowess. The 8500 may well have better 2D image quality as well because we know in the past that 3rd parties have dragged the 2D image quality of nVidia cards down. Haven't been any GF4's with this problem that I've seen, though. Mine seems only slightly less crisp than either of the 8500's I've owned and that's only at resoultions of 1600x1200 or more.

    If you want to use FSAA all the time, then the Ti4200 will be a better choice, but bear in mind that it isn't quite an FSAA "monster" like the Ti4400 or Ti4600 and reaches its limits pretty soon. My Ti4400 is SLOWER than my 8500 was (overclocked to 300/300MHz) when maximum aniso is used. It totally destroys the 8500 when it comes to FSAA though.

    The 8500LE is usually clocked at 250/250MHz, but there are versions around which are clocked at 230/230MHz so make sure you know what you are buying. Most of the 128MB LE's are clocked at 250/250MHz and have excellent, BGA-type memory modules which overclock very well. Then again, some are floating around that are only clocked at 255/220 with lower quality RAM so watch out! The retail 8500's are clocked at 275/275MHz and usually overclock to 300/300MHz quite easily. There is the added attraction with the 8500 that voltage-modding the card can be done with a pencil. When overclocked to over 300/300MHz an 8500 will outperform a GF4Ti4200 in many situations.

    I agree that you should buy soon. Prices are probably going to stagnate for a while and then fall sharply when this Summer's video cards come out. That won't be for at least two-three months though so now is as good a time as any. The next generation of cards from ATi/nVidia/Matrox and 3Dlabs may well be a huge step forward but will obviously carry massive price tags. Besides, DX9 won't be out for a long time to take advantage of their features.

    ATi 8500LE 128MB gets my vote, unless the Ti4200 comes out at the same price.


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