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Thread: Drivers for WIN98

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    Drivers for WIN98

    I have Installed Win98,it is an old System,i don't have the Driver for the VGA card and even i don't know,how to identify the display card make or the model.

    And also tell me,is it possible to load very new drivers in the all the Brand which is available in the market,so that win98 can able to plug&play and store correct vga to the system.Don't suggest me to Use ME or XP,allthis to be done through win98
    Please help to sort out this problem!!!!!!.......

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    Welcome to HWC ****ybird

    What motherboard are you using. Is it a PCI display card or built in?? Posting your system spec might help a lot.

    You can identify the display card's chip by taking it out from the PCI slot. Some popular PCI display card are Nvidia Riva TNT, Voodoo, S3 and etc...

    You can download the latest driver for the display card once you're sure.
    Keep us updated.

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    What Berserker said.
    Once you find the chip manuacturer have a look at which will point you in the right place for the driver if it isn't a current card.

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    Some video cards will post before the bios, and you can get the info from there as well. Then again, some don't . On the next cold boot, take a look and see if there is a message that appears before the BIOS/POST screen. It should mention some kind of manufacturer and perhaps a model number. Most older video cards do this I believe.
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