Graphic Card HELP PLZ!!!!
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Thread: Graphic Card HELP PLZ!!!!

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    Graphic Card HELP PLZ!!!!

    I currently have a built-in Sis620 on my motherboard, and it sux. I bought a Gforce 7500 something, but there is no were in the motherboard to plug it in!!! help!!! there is no adaptor or anything, i guess ive wasted bout 700$ in vain...

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    the card is most likely a agp card.
    yet your motherboard doesnt have a agp slot.

    either get a new motherboard...
    or take the card back and find a decent pci card.

    im going out on a limb and assuming thats not 700$ US dollars.

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    Whats a Geforce 7500? New hybrid card which is a mixture of a Radeon 7500 and a Geforce.

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    What motherboard you got?

    Most likely you need a graphics card that uses a PCI slot. You can use a GeForce2 MX 200 or 400, or a GeForce4 MX 420. You can also use an ATI Radeon 7000. All will work fin. ATI will be releasing a card based on their R250 core. This will be like an MX version of their 8500 (full DX 8.1 capability, but only 2 pixel pipelines). It will likely be avaluable in PCI.

    Those are most of your options unless you can grab an older card used. Even a nice Voodoo3 works great. I got one in my second machine (Duron 900Mhz) and it still runs great (at 800x600 resolution).

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