Which 17in monitor?
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Thread: Which 17in monitor?

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    Which 17in monitor?

    As I sit here typing this post, my eyes blur as I stare at a very inadequate 14in monitor.
    I would like to purchase a 17in moniotr, but as ever funds are tight. I have about 150-200 pounds sterling (225-300 U.S dollars).
    Can anyone suggest a good monitor which I can afford.

    Many thanks in advance.

    I use to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.
    I use to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.

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    The ViewSonic E70f should be in your price range.

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    The Samsung Samtron 76V 17" is a good monitor. It only cost about $150 USD. It isn't a flat screen though, but still a very good monitor for the price.

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    I have a AOL monitor, 17", 1600x1200 @60hz, 1024x1280 @75hz, sells in US for less than $140, or their 19".

    Technology increases at a parabolic curve upward.
    Technology increases at a parabolic curve upward.

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    Got an LG Flatron 795FT+ which I've been very happy with. Cost about 180 from Simply Computers but I believe prices may have gone up slightly since I bought it. It's absolutely flat, which is a bit weird at first but you soon get used to it. It's also very well designed and pretty neat-lookin', in fact it looks like a flatscreen LCD from the front. Moire and geometry are about average but apart from that it's excellent. Image quality and vibrance is great and because of the 1600x1200@85Hz maximum it's superb for gaming or CAD/image editing work. I usually run 1280x1024@85Hz.

    You should definitely consider a 19" monitor if you have that kind of money to spend. 200 quid is pretty high-end for a 17".


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    The NEC FE700 is a great buy.

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    Wow! No two people recommended the same thing.

    I'm with Bink on the ViewSonic E70f.
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    i picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 700IFT about a month ago from Gateway for $199US and i love it, 100Hz@1152x864 and a max res of 2048x1536 (great for winamp vis).
    My 2 cents.

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    how about the Philips 107T
    I dont know... I just dont.

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    Go look at them in person. Monitor quality is a very subjective thing. What looks great to one person may annoy the hell outa another- they way I look at it, if your eyes can't tell the difference, go for the cheap one! But keep in mind that the monitor is arguably the most important part of your computer- you'll have it for years to come and will stare at it many many hours a day. So get the best you can afford.

    So, browse at comp usa, circuit city, best buy, etc, pick the one(s) you like best for within your budget or a little over, and research them deeply, to make sure they're quality before ordering. What's sad is that even with $50 shipping, it's still cheaper to buy online than retail...

    FYI, you can afford a low-end 19" with a budget like that- you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! I bought a 21" Samsung 1100P for $350 (got incredibly lucky when micron dumped their rebadged monitors) so you might even be able to do better! This is normally a low-end 21" monitor retailing for $700, but I couldn't see the difference between it and $1500 monitors when I window-shopped, and certainly didn't see $800 worth of difference.

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    misermanuk: AOC(17in.:7Klr, 19in.:9Klr). Been using these for years and also include them with new systems. For the money go with the 19in.(18in. of real estate to view!). here's a link..... http://www.aoc-europe.com/product.htm We run these monitors at 85-100Hz continuosly.

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    IIYAMA, Philips and LG are good and within your price range, preference in the order given.
    I have 3 LG monitors, one at home that is exelent, but two at work both are in for repair....

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    I have a Samsung Syncmaster 753df 17" flatscreen and its a very good monitor.

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    I have a Sony FD Trinitron G220
    it's great^^

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    I would say look at hte samsung 700NF, the Viewsonic PF775, or my NEC FE750+. good stuff
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