19" ViewSonic and Windows XP...(refresh rates)
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Thread: 19" ViewSonic and Windows XP...(refresh rates)

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    19" ViewSonic and Windows XP...(refresh rates)

    I have a 19" ViewSonic (E90). This monitor is capable of doing 80Hz @ 1280-1024 and 68Hz @ 1600-1200. However, even after installing the viewsonic drivers for WinXP, I don't have the option to use these refresh rates. Even turing on "show uncompatible refresh rates" doesn't have what i'm looking for. Do I need to download a 3rd party program (something like Powerstrip) that would give me the choice to use a larger range of refresh rates?

    Video card being used: Geforce 4 Ti 4400, Detonator 28.32

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    How can I fix this?
    -this is a problem associated with non-dcc compliant monitors... the video card does not detect the monitor & it's available settings...ATI cards have the same issue, but there is a driver fix for that...blah

    the following is from the Nvidia website -->
    In most cases, if Windows is only allowing you to select 60Hz for a refresh rate, it means that it is not detecting your monitor correctly and/or the drivers for your monitor are not properly installed. Please contact the maker of your monitor for available drivers and proceed to install them. If this does not resolve your problem, then you may download the free utility MultiRes available from: http://www.entechtaiwan.com. This free utility allows you to change the refresh rates and resolutions of your monitor via the Task Bar on the lower right hand corner of your monitor.

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    Well, I'm using MultiRes now, but it too doesn't have the refresh rates I'm looking for. It's a great program (giving me the ability to lock refresh rates for games).

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    you can lock refresh rates for resolutions with powerstrip as well, go to display profiles and lock a refresh rate.

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